Adoption Fee Waived for Maggie at Athens Canine Rescue

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PRESS RELEASE – Thwack thwack thwack… what’s that? Oh, it’s just Maggie’s tail wagging non-stop because you just walked in. It doesn’t matter if she hasn’t met you before; you’re here now, which means you’re a friend. You have chin and/or butt scritches to give? Good friend! Belly rubs? Best friend!!

You’d never know from Maggie’s constant, joyful wiggling that she’s had some real hardships in her short six years on this earth. Every human she meets is a new pal, and being a tripod hasn’t slowed her down at all (though foster mom points out it means she doesn’t jump on people or counter-surf, so bonus points for that). She loves her daily walks, romping in the yard, playing with her toys, and her favorite game is “go find” after foster mom hides treats around the house for her.

Maggie knows basic commands, is housebroken and crate trained, but prefers to stretch out on the couch and snooze the day away while foster mom is at work. She’s earned the privilege of staying out while alone thanks to her impeccable manners and dedication to napping. Once you’re back, Maggie is the best welcome wagon, delighted that you’ve returned! Maybe it’s time for a play session, and later is her favorite time of day – snuggle time! Maggie takes her vocation as Chief Cuddle Buddy very seriously, so we hope you didn’t plan on using your lap for anything other than your new 55-pound BFF.

So why is this three-legged bundle of love ACR’s longest-running foster? Due to her past, Maggie can be nervous around other dogs. This means she needs an owner committed to helping her build her confidence, and mindful of the situations Maggie is placed in. An added perk for a local adopter, we have some GREAT news: Georgia Dog Trainer LLC has already worked some with Maggie, adores her (natch!), and is offering FREE continuing education classes to Maggie’s adopters to make sure she has the best life possible. We accept out of town and out of state applications!

Okay, okay, that was kind of long. Here’s the crib sheet on Maggie:
Pros: Impeccable manners. Immediate best friend. Snuggly. Goofy. Happiness incarnate.
Cons: Snores. Kind of a couch hog. Can be nervous with other dogs. Thinks cats are better off extinct. Flatulent (sorry, Mags, we tell it like it is).

We know Maggie is going to be the most amazing thing that ever happened to her adoptive family… we just have to find them. Could it be you? Contact us today to experience the magic of Maggie-wiggles for yourself!

Great news: A generous donor has chosen to cover Maggie’s adoption fee for an eligible adopter!

* Local to the Athens area? Georgia Dog Trainer LLC is offering a few continuing education classes to Maggie’s family so they can learn everything she knows and how she communicates, after all who wouldn’t want to learn to speak Maggie?!

Maggie is patiently waiting for her forever family to discover her. Could that be you? Contact us today, she can’t wait to meet you!

Looking to adopt a dog that has a jumpstart in the dog influencer game? Check out Maggie’s instagram account: @campaignadoptmaggie!

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